Cooking Materials

Cooking of any Cuisine needs the knowledge & understanding of the ‘Cooking Materials’, i.e. the different raw materials that are required to produce a complete dish.  Just reading the recipe and buying ingredients is not enough for proper cooking, unless you know the inherent nature of each ingredient which has a special part to play.   Its something essential not just for cooking but for eating right too.

During my cooking classes, the first thing we do is to go on an exploration of our local market, the tour is to understand the nature of cooking ingredients of Indian Cuisine, in general. 

The first and foremost is the introduction of Cereals & Grains ,  as chapatees and Chawal (rice) makes the major component of our diets.

Then comes Pulses & Lentils which when combined with cereals provide the best source of vegetarian Protein and makes a budget cost balanced meals. These two sections cover the foundation of Indian food in general.

Then comes the flavors of our Spices- both whole & ground. Further moving on to take a look of the essential Fats & Oils used in India.  Finally taking a tour to the vegetable market to get an introduction of the Seasonal Fruits & Vegetables, and there importance in our food culture.

And thus I have chosen this route to understand Indian Food in its totality. I hope it benefits all.
So lets begin!