Naan Bread with Chandni Paneer

Re-posting the recipe for my new guests searching the site for naan bread. I hope you enjoy recreating the recipes.

Indian Vegetarian Cooking

Masala Base with onions, whole spices, cashew and coconut milk

With every dish I cook in our cooking sessions I emphasize on learning the base sauces. Indian cooking has never been taught in Culinary Schools, it is taught by our families confined to the home kitchens, hence it has not been documented in terms of its parts, bases etc. And there is no way you will know the basics, as here only the ones who wish to pursue a career as a chef or cook go for professional training. If you just want to learn it for the sake of learning you will never get to know its secrets as either it is taught on Industrial Level in Colleges or it is taught in billions of households on a micro level. A common food enthusiast will never get a chance to learn Indian Culinary Heritage in some designed course.


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