Gajar Ka Halwa

Desserts mean occasion in India. If someone is cooking a dessert that means its has to be A good news.

I am sharing with you all a recipe that itself is an occasion. The Dessert that symbolize the Winters of India. The dish, the name of which brings back memories of winters.

It is one and only Gajar Ka Halwa, essentially a reduction of grated carrots in whole milk. The simplicity of the procedure is inspiring, but believe me the dish will test your patience and time. But the result is incredible.

I couldn’t trace its origin but according to stories and all the information I could connect I realize its some relation to the Persian Cuisine again like many other North Indian Dishes. ‘Halwa’ is a dish that came through the spice route of North India and traveled from Middle Eastern Countries. Though, Halwa what it is now in India as a dessert of Homes is definitely modified from the original of the Halva that you would find in Turkish Bakeries or Egyptian food or Tunisian cuisine. But essentially it is still close to its basic ingredients, its generally flour based, it requires Ghee or Butter to brown, and it is quite sweet. Said that, it is not necessarily always flour based. We do a lot of Lentils based Halwas and also fruit and vegetable based too like our today’s recipe ‘The Carrot Halwa’

Lets gather the ingredients:

  • 1 kg of Carrots
  • 1 liter of Whole milk full fat
  • 1 cup of Sugar
  • Cashew nuts, raisins, Almonds for garnish
  • Optional garnish is super thin Edible Silver foils.
  • 1 tbsp of Ghee


Peel, wash and grate the carrots.


The Carrots should be grated till you reach the core.

Discard the central core vein, which is lighter colored portion and has much less flavor than the outer layer. So practically we will be left with 500 gms of grated carrots.


Discard the central portion. it is tasteless

Put the carrots and milk in a thick bottom based pan for reduction
Keep cooking on a medium low heat and stirring in between for equal cooking.


Once the carrots are reduced completely, add the sugar and again stir till all sugar is caramelized and absorbed by the carrots. Do not stop when you are seeing the liquid sugar


Once the caremelization is complete, add Ghee and stir again. The reduction to the extent we are seeing in the above picture is crucial for best flavors.

The Final product looks bright and shinny.

For best results use seasonal carrots. Just one suggestion use milk that is fresh and not Tetra Pack things. Use full Fat for a creamy texture

Enjoy with your loved one and share the recipe too.

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  1. Gajar Ka Halwa is one of my all time favourit swwets after Petha Mithai. Eating Carrots Halwa in winter specially very good for kids health. I love to eat this since my chilhood days to till now. Keep sharing more heavenly inspiring recipes on your great blog. I started following it. I hope to see you very soon on my new blog which is about tech travel & food. Plz back follow for supporting. We are almost in s ame filed of blogging. Thanks again.

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    1. Payal Biyani says:

      Thanks for your inspiring words. I would surely check your page. I am not very frequent on my wordpress hence I miss a lot😊.

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    1. Payal Biyani says:

      Thank you for taking out time to check my blog 😊


  2. PS says:

    delicious!! You have interesting content..Please have a look at
    www. may find similar interest like me…Glad that I found your blog..

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    1. Payal Biyani says:

      Surely, I would love to check your blog

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    2. Payal Biyani says:

      Thank you so much for appreciating my work. I would love to see all your posts.

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      1. PS says:

        I hope you’ll like them…!!

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