Ayurveda A Way of Life Part-1

Is there an Ayurvedic way of life ! Is it complicated !  Is it good for me ! Can I actually follow it.!

Before answering and introducing my Ayurvedic Classes, I wanted to share some interesting stories behind where it all started.  I wanted to share the stories that we have been hearing since childhood, though not in the chronological order, but these what we heard over and over again whenever we were eating.   So all the food that is eaten in Bharat has its own significance.  I will be introducing the world with the Ayurvedic Five Essentials of Healthy life

Doodh – Milk,  Dahi – yoghurt,  Ghrit –ghee  ,   Cheeni – Sugar, Honey and Tulsi – holy Basil leaf

The mixture of which is know as Panchamrit   The prasad that is offered in all Hindu Ceremonies.  The Five Elements that are called God’s Nectar and can give you eternal life.    So lets see where it all started

Part 1

The moment the term Ayurveda is said there are too many question and far too much information in the world (now) .  And because of which there is Utter confusion.   We as Indians never realized that Ayurveda is inherent of our lives.  The population of India (no matter how many people suggest otherwise) has been primarily a vegetarian population, in terms of diet, we have always been vegetarian, unless animal was the only option to eat.  If you pick up history of last thousand years you would not find talks about how to make the best roast or lamb or goat, except in the royal culinary inscriptions.  But there was mention of wild boar, there was mention of deer, there was mention about wild buffalo, there are many mention of wild yellow Partridge, any many other big birds found in jungle.     x17-1424170182-02kibg.jpg.pagespeed.ic.IVMiyvlsvrAnd how the hunting was followed by a feast.   But there is no mention about meat cooked in common households.  That fairly indicates that meat was associated with hunting and hunting was majorly done by Kings.   So the rest of the population survived on local grains and locally grown vegetables.

Photo credit to https://www.hindugodwallpaper.com/wallpaper-71-310.html

The other reason that played an important role in keeping India a Vegetarian Terrain was the advent of  Lord Krishna born in Dwaper Yuga.  So for brief introduction:  The Chronological order of Human Race in Indian Mythology is distributed in Four Yuga (Era). First Satyug, then Treta Yug,  then Dwaper Yug (lasted around 5000 years back), and Kaliyuga (which is current Era).   So cutting the story short, there was time in in Dwaper Yuga when there was too much of animal sacrifice going on and too much of killing of animals happening, that was the time when Lord Vishnu incarnated in the Form of Krishna.

Krishna though born as prince was brought up by a Cattle raising community .   And his life depicts a strong bond with cow & milk.  Milking was the only occupation of the whole clan and thus no doubt his favorite food was hand churned butter.  Butter when is heated it produces a beautiful yellow fat called Ghee.   So that is how old the relation of milk and ghee is to Indian Food system.





.to be continued……

The next story in the next post.

Till then keep eating fresh Stay healthy


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  1. Carly | FearlessFemaleTravels.com says:

    I am so interested in Ayurveda! I can’t wait to learn more about it when I visit India next year!

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