Butter Sauteed Potatoes with Quick Onion Dip


Rainy Season is on full swing and the appetite of our bodies go down following the wet atmosphere.  The season is not best for eating heavy, or taking large meals.  Indian families have been blessed with generations of wisdom of ‘what to eat what not to eat’.  

There is a conscious in our belly too, if we try listening to eat.  The biggest mistake we all are doing in today’s TECH WEB world is listening to everyone else except to ourselves.  Fortunately (or unfortunately) there is no escape from food wisdom in Indian Homes.  The moment you get  (even) a diarrhea, your family and even friends of friends will ask you what was last thing you ate, and then what was the last thing you ate outside… and last 7 days history is laid out for a common diagnosis.  Until the final culprit of your agony is out and loud.

Well, why am i writing about the FOOD DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM OF INDIA, when I am  just supposed to share a recipe.  Because I am not a good recipe blogger.  I am just a good (maybe) talker.  Well that’s you to decide.  For now coming back to the main topic the recipe of the day, it is my quick Pan seared Potatoes (with butter) and Quick Onion Chutney Dip.

I made this for my Mom and Me because we are both equally hungry all the time and the only thing we talk is FOOD Food & foood….   and thus we are not (fully) hungry many times due to the weather of the day, season of the month, last days meals, feeling blues, or feeling excited…. and what not all. So that’s why the little story above about ‘what to eat and what not to eat’   

So, the monsoon subsides the hunger (another great reason for both of us) due to extensive multiplication of microorganisms, and also our digestive system goes for a lull  too..  So there is a craving of fried food , as it is more appetizing (both in aroma and texture) than your everyday meals.  So one day when I reached her home around 1 pm, I found her sauteing round potatoes in butter.  I said, “isn’t the baked potatoes kind of stuff good for breakfast?”  she snapped, “how does that matter, I didn’t feel like making Aloo bhaji and I had boiled potatoes so I made this  !!!!! “

Well, I wasn’t up for a lunch with pan baked potatoes with DAAL !! So we twisted the dish into Chai -snack (that means anything that goes with Chai!!).

So you’ll need the following for the potatoes:

4 Boiled potatoes (don’t overcook )

generous butter (2 tablespoon)

Spice mix :  Crushed black pepper 1/2 tsp, Chilli pepper 1/2 tsp and salt


  • Cut the potatoes in thick rounds(without jacket)
  • Heat a flat pan, add butter and place the potatoes.
  • Do not overlap, as we are looking for a crisp layer and even browning
  • Finish the whole batch.
  • Sprinkle the spice mix and serve in a plate hot.

Spicy Onion Chutney dip

I took 1 large onion (cut into large chunks)

2 whole red chillies (soaked in water for 2 -3 minutes)

1/2 tsp of mustard seeds

1/2 tsp of Chana daal

1/2 tsp of Urad daal

a few curry leaves

Spice mix: Turmeric 1/4 tsp, 1/2 tsp of chilli powder, Salt 1 tsp

Desiccated Coconut 1 tbsp

  • Heat 1 tbsp of oil in a pan (use any oil of your preference like coconut or olive)
  • add all the seeds , mustard + chana + urad
  • Saute for a couple of seconds then add the curry leaves and Onion cubes.
  • Saute on high heat
  • Add the whole chillies and coconut.
  • Let the pan collect some aroma and browning.
  • Be attentive to not overcook or over brown.
  • I am suggesting not more than 2 minutes total browning.

Put the ingredients in the blender and make a chutney.  Add a dash of water to dilute the dip.

Serve it with Saute Potato


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    Looks tasty

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