Healing with Food : Dinning Therapy

Happiness in life is a complicated achievement. Does it ever happen? Yea it does, it happens everyday. And so is loneliness and depression. It is part of your DAY. For me Life is 1 day at a time. I live today, I die today, I cry today, and I survive today.

With so much talking about great food and beautiful pictures and superb places to eat, we still don’t live happy.. I always felt that loneliness arises if most of the times you are eating alone .. I would probably die in a week if I have to eat alone everyday. I am not depressed today, on the contrary I want to make everyone who is reading this see the light in life through food today. That is how I fill myself with positive vibes, when I am serving the guests who come and do our cooking sessions or staying at our B&B Though sometimes it is difficult for me to make my guests understand why I am not eating with them and sharing the table. But, I love from the bottom of my heart cooking & serving food. It is my everyday spiritual practice. It is my way of going EGO less..


You know, in India we emphasize on not only making good food but also to serve food properly. In older pictures of our kitchens you would always see the women of the house patiently serving each of the family member hot and freshly made food. That was filled with so much love and care that the person who eats it felt utmost satisfaction of his/her life at that very instance. The women of the house did that responsibility because I think females are the best in taking care, it is power given by nature. And also that used to be social family system (it still is in most of our homes). They filled each member of her family with positivity through the food she served.

Serving of food with utmost dedication is a part of Indian Culture . If you want to experience that you can go to any Ashram or Gurudwara and experience the langar. If you see it scientifically you will realize its importance. Imagine your day at work, a rough day with not many achievements, a long ride back to home that filled your anger upto the brim. And you are asked to make food for your self– most of us would say, ” what the _____ !!! ” I can totally understand. But now imagine when you get back home tired and there is someone to make your dinner table ready and serve you food… I know, it seems an alian concept. But can’t we do something in our lives to change, if not everyday then for some of the days of the week.


Let’s get together and cook for each other if we are living alone. Let’s experiment sharing this responsibility of filling ‘the cup of life’ with simple things. Let’s see if eating together can make the difference in our lives or no. For this experiment we can groups of our closest friends. Anyone. It can be done in between a family where we can share responsibility of cooking and serving food alternatively.

Now here are the Roles & Rules.

Role 1 : the one who is eating. the number of people is not important, it can be from 1 person to 4 people. Let’s keep small groups only so that the burden is not too much on the person who is cooking.

Role 2: The one who is cooking & serving. Ideally it is better to be alone in this so that you can experience the PATIENCE required for the responsibility of preparing a meal for someone (imagine the group is your family and their health depends on how you cook). Its like an exercise for you to understand the importance of this job.

This is Sacred experiment and it should be taken seriously. Take is as a spiritual exercise. It can be done between a couple also, swapping the responsibility alternatively.


Rule no. 2 The person responsible for Cooking needs to give his/her utmost care and love he or she can dwell upon while creating the meals.

Rule no 3 Give you utmost dedication while serving the food. Keep your attention in what the diner is liking to eat and wishing to have more or not liking.

Rule no 4 Avoid loud discussions and party mood while eating . Try maintaining silence and connecting with the food.

Rule no 5 The diner should try understanding the amount of patience and care the person who has cooked and served him / her food has gone through.

Golden Rule The person responsible today will not eat with the members he/she has cooked for. Eat later once everyone is finished with the food.

It is not a HOST that you are meeting. The person who cooked and served you today had all the MOTHER like affection and care that he / she has passed into the food and thus made it HEALING.


My point of putting this forward is to make the eating time more healing time. Making it fulfilling rather just filling.

I am hopeful that if we all change this little things in life we can feel more POSITIVE.

Eat Healthy, Eat Together, Stay Happy!!

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  1. mistimaan says:

    Loved your good idea

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    1. Payal Biyani says:

      I am hopeful it will work for many

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  2. Megala says:

    Wonderful post !

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  3. Leann says:

    Hey, I recognize those people! Love your blog Payal… it should be a book.

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