Jaipur Home Cooking Classes

Today I am going to introduce to you about my cooking classes in Jaipur Rajasthan.   Apart from running a bed & Breakfast, I am also running home cooking classes.   The main motive is to showcase the incredible home food of India.  It is so vast that even if I spend the whole lifetime, I won’t be able to document the home food of even half of India.  And honestly, I am not taking that mission on myself.   I am just trying with all my passion and heart to share with my guests only North Indian style of cooking.

I originally belong to Uttar Pradesh from my maternal side and my paternal grandparents have been from Rajasthan.  Geographically these two regions are poles apart.   Uttar Pradesh resides under the foothills of Himalayas, with a web of rivers and fertile land.   The ingredients of the region are very fresh, the cooking style is generous and food habits are dependent on fresh ingredients.   On the contrary Rajasthan is completely dry, where a common man of rural area starts its day with a whole grain chapati and Chaach (buttermilk).  The cuisine of my State of Rajasthan is dependent on dry ingredients, flours and lentils. The diversity of the cuisines in India depends upon  the geographical conditions.  The more you travel in Homestays of India you will feel the actual flavor difference in food.

The rich food that is served these days in the restaurants and even in the homes is very recent growth.    Ideally,  SIMPLE EATING has been the ethos of Indian homes.  But with the advent of restaurant culture (which also has a history of 50 years in bigger cities) the sauces got denser and richer.  The inspiration came from the Mughalai food, and royal cuisines of India.   The home cooking always remained very different from them.

When I thought about doing the cooking classes I never thought I would be able to survive let alone succeed in the field.  But somewhere in my heart I believed that I have so much to share and that’s what I did.  I shared our heritage of home cooking.     The techniques that have been passed on by our grannies and great grand grannies.   The people of our country hold the treasure of food wisdom.   That’s is what we share with you in the classes.

I try to share the seasonal food of our region, of our families.  The dishes of our homes have history of many centuries and always been cooked with less ingredients and more love.   The daals are simmered with loads of ghee and immense affection.  The cooking meant nurturing a human being from the beginning with loads of love and affection with hand made meals.  Just see the difference in human nature in the last century where most of us are eating food prepared for masses.. where is the energy in that kind of food

You can feel the difference when you cook your food with your hands in our class.  Even the simple vegetarian home food tastes like heaven.   Honestly, it is more because of the love and care given in the cooking rather than the expensive ingredients that make the food tastier.

Mm.. that looks yum

Our class timings are mentioned in the footer area of my website.  Please email for reservations and inquiry about the sessions.

Hope to see you this season.

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