Shahi Tukda-Sweet Bread dish

Do these pictures look like a dish to anyone.!!  WELL Well well yes it is what it seems like— deep fried bread pieces.  What is not visible here, is the sugar syrup.

Yes this is again another super duper easy quickest sweet dish.   In the recipe books it is called Shahi Tukda ,  though this version of my mum is half recipe of original Shahi Tukda.  The original recipe has these little toasties dipped in sweetened Condensed milk, which is cumbersome as a recipe and not an everyday affair.  My mum introduced these crunchy Shahi Tukda version to us in our childhood.  These are ready in no time and stay fresh for days and days, so best for mommies with hungry kids.  Ha!Ha!

So let’s try compiling the ingredients:

1/2 packet of sandwich bread (around 8 pieces are good for trial), preferably a day or two old

Sugar 1 cup

Water 2 cups

Finely grated dry coconut 1 tbsp (use desiccated coconut)

2 Cardamoms finely ground

Ghee or Oil to fry.


  • Cut the bread pieces in squares or triangles
  •  Heat Ghee (don’t let it smoke)
  •  Fry one by one piece. Finish every thing.

For sugar syrup:

Take sugar in a heavy pan

Add water.

Let it simmer till you achieve a one, one and half thread consistency.  To check the consistency of sugar syrup take a bit of sugar liquid in between your thumb and index finger. Now stick the finger and thumb to each other and open quickly, repeat it again and again to see how many threads the syrup is making.

Note: Be careful with testing sugar syrup, it can be dangerously hot.

Once you are happy with syrup, dip fried bread pieces one by one and cool it on a dripping try immediately.   Be little fast otherwise the syrup will crystallize.

Once all pieces are done, arrange on a serving tray

Sprinkle coconut and cardamom powder.

Enjoy these beauties with a dollop of your favorite ice cream or just like this!!

Have a Beautiful Sweet Day! See you again.


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  1. bingingonabudget says:

    This sounds really good, I can’t wait to try it.

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