Kitchen Essentials

Before starting to cook there should be a general understanding about a kitchen and its essentials.  Kitchens are an integral part of a habitat and little knowledge about how to set up a small cooking unit in your home would make things simpler.  It is a basic life skill, as it caters to your day to day needs.  So, let’s try and understand creating your own kitchen.  What things you will always need to make simple homemade meals for yourself.

A Cooking Medium

All of us who are looking for a little everyday home-cooking, I suggest a small Induction    These are efficient and hassle free.  They come in all shapes and sizes.

And a Gas Burner for better cooking experience.

Basic Pots & Pans

Its always said in old Indian homes that one Kadhai (wok) and one Patili (a saucepan) will just be enough to feed a family.  And it is so true, I am so fascinated by these Kadahi which comes in all shapes and sizes.
Though this classic shape is good only for a Gas Cook top and will not work efficiently on the induction, but then its easy to find special Induction based Kadhai   Which will be efficient and can be used for  Frying, any sauce based dish, Rice Pulav, or saute dish.

So I recommend you have a basic complete set which has a Frying pan, a Tawa and Kadhai saucepan.

You will also need a small pressure cooker.  Make friends with these little buddies, they are a one-stop solution for all your cooking, the only thing they probably can’t make is a chapati.   For any other recipe, you can make it in a pressure cooker  

For Gas stove I am more happy with my four basic things

A Pressure cooker, a Kadhai,  and 3 different sized Saucepans 

Good to simmer your Daals, boil vegetables or simmer any sauce on low heat.

Also, you will need some helping equipment like a basic set of slotting spoons, spatula, cooking spoons   

Masala Box

Then I will always need my masala dabba (container)  Any Indian Recipe will need at least 6 minimum spices–Turmeric, Chilli powder, coriander powder, cumin seeds, mustard seed and fennel seeds, so keeping them together will make your cooking simpler.  So get one for yourself.

Chapati Essential

For doing your own fresh Chapati you will need 3 things — A chapati rolling pin, chapati chakla or a rolling board usually made of Marble, wood, or steel and a pair of tong

This completes the essential things for Indian Cooking for your small kitchen.   Now, lets start cooking, understand the ingredients – Cereals, lentils, spices and vegetables.

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